AB 2275 – Hearing on multiple 5150s

I have been discussing the new law, AB 2275, with some of the hearing officers. I thought it would be helpful to open up the discussion to all members since the law will become effective on January 1, 2023. For Continue reading

Taking Vitals from Patients

The question has come up in my county whether, or not, the patient has the right to refuse the doctor, or staff, for that matter, to take their vitals while in the hospital.

When I make an order on Reese, Continue reading

Comments/suggestions for this site

Please use this discussion thread to comment on this site. What would you like to see here? Do you have any questions about how things work? Any complaints?

May 17, 2007 | webmaster

I am very impressed with our Continue reading

Psychiatrist at Certification Hearing

We had an issue rise recently regarding who should, or who may, attend a certification hearing.

In our county, the clinicians go through training to present the evidence for certification, the psychiatrist only appeared at Reese hearings.

Recently, a psychiatrist Continue reading

Incomplete 5250 Certification Notice

What do you do in your County when at the beginning of a hearing the PRA points out that there is only one signature of psychiatrist certifying the person for detention?

– Suggest at the end of the hearing that Continue reading

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